1) A puzzle invented by Hungarian professor Erno Rubik that swept the world by storm in the early 1980s and continues to carry a steady following.
"We turn the Rubik's Cube and it twists us."
by Kevin Curran July 20, 2003
An awesome puzzle made from a number of small cubes ("cubies") slotted together around a pivot mechanism, which can allow rotation of the cubies. The classic 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube is three cubies in width, length and depth, although there are many other variants of the cube (e.g. 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x cubes as well as the "-minx" puzzles).

The cubies have coloured stickers on them: once they have been rotated to random points around the cube (via 'scrambling'), the object of the puzzle is to make each of the cube's faces all one colour, with all of the cubies correctly oriented.

There are a number of different formulae which can be used to solve the Rubik's Cube, using different combinations of rotations called algorithms. The beginners' one is the 'Layer Method,' which consists of solving 1 layer at a time. It is a simple but relatively slow method. Advanced methods, used by "Speedcubers," have more complex algorithms, but they can be used to solve the cube faster. Some of these methods include the 'Fridrich Method,' the 'Petrus Method,' and the 'Roux Method.'
The current record for the fastest solve of the Rubik's Cube is 7.08 seconds, held by Erik Akkersdijk.
by AlphaNZ December 6, 2009
A puzzle made famous in the 80's, died out in the 90's due to video games, and resurfaced in the 00's when the internet gave solutions. Rubik's brand cube's are known to be the worst 3x3 cubes available. They are stiff and hard to turn. Independent companies (mainly chinese) make DIY cubes. These are smooth, fast, and are what "cubers" use (people who solve the cube). The Rubik's Cube is the hardest thing to do solo, but the easiest to do with a tutorial. Don't believe anyone who says they solved it in under 2 months with no help. The Fridrich Method (CFOP) is the most popular and fastest method out. The current world record and world record average use this method. The WCA (like the NBA, but for cubes) keeps track of every solve ever done in a competition. Current world record is 7.08 seconds, and average of 5 solves is 8.54. You don't have to be smart to learn to solve it, but you have to be determined, like juggling.
David: I can solve the Rubik's cube in under 17 seconds every time.

David: *facepalm*
by Machanga October 9, 2010
A puzzle cube that was created by Hungarian sculptor Erno Rubik. There are exactly 43,252,003,274,489,855,999 different scrambles for a Rubik's Cube, and 1 configuration that is right.

There are many different sizes of Rubik's Cube, and the statistic above is from a 3x3x3.
Matt: Hey, Max!
Max: Hi, Matt, can you solve my Rubik's Cube?
Matt: Well, I dunno--YES! (solves in 2 minutes)
Max: WOW! You are amazing, Matt.
Matt: Thanks. Now I have to show someone how to eat a cupcake the right way.
by Matt11111 January 3, 2014
A toy with over 413 quintillion possible outcomes. The greatest thing that man has been graced with
Chuck Norris is pretty epic with a Rubik's Cube
by PossumCuber October 11, 2009
The puzzle everyone thinks is impossible to solve... but with a good YouTube video it becomes very easy.
P1: I can never solve the Rubik's Cube.

P2: Have you checked YouTube?
P1: No.
by Finalpoet January 31, 2019
(verb) to take your time to wrap your brain around something, in order to figure out an appropriate answer
Al (very drunk): "Kat!! What is the meaning of my life?!"
Kat (very stoned): "I dunno, Al... let me Rubik's Cube it and get back to you on that."
by Candid Geekery September 28, 2014