new to a fandom and they think they know everything about their stan; they're also really annoying and they have auto caps on. If they're on twitter their layout doesn't match, if theyre on instagram they think the followers they have are their fans, they have a terrible ratio, they follow everyone. They stan bigger fanpages. they also usually dont know what a cupcake is.
cupcake: Hey wanna be friends? Please be my friend. I really want friends.

fan page: nO ashgsyaahhah you're a cupcake
cupcake: whats a cupcake
by uhhhhhangela February 28, 2018
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What EDP445 calls a 13 year old girl when he gets caught trying to meet her
by EDP sucks April 22, 2021
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"I was coming out here to pick up a cupcake and go back home"
by ChickenNega August 31, 2021
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ayyo, stop cupcaking wit that ugly ass ho.
by dAnIeLa November 30, 2004
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A couple displaying and engaging in copious amounts of affection to the general chagrin of all in proximity. Up to and including, but not limited to: sensual touching, heavy petting, whispering and laughing, eskimo kissing, lip pecking, questionable rubbing, and general activities which no respectable couple should do in public. Also can describe a couple doing all of the following said actions while in a large group of friends, completely disengaged and unaware of the social gathering occurring around them.
Dude, there was so much cupcakeing going on between Nick and Vanessa last night I thought I was going to puke.
by justjustin04 September 14, 2011
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The act of cupping a pungent fart in the palm of your hand. Then presenting it to the nearest persons face and opening your hand, so the fart is released directly under the targets nose.
Other variations include farting in a buscuit tin and quickly shutting the lid. Leaving a viscous mantrap for the next buscuit nibbler.
A fathers favourite for his own children's visiting school friends. (See my brother in law)
"Want a buscuit?...Aaargh!, you dirty *%!!!, you just cupcaked me.
A firm favouite for people who have just started seeing each other.
- see also: Dutch oven

by Ali Bongo. October 24, 2007
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