855 all of my emotions are in my eyes. I’m super easy to read, a sad poker faced woman. It’s always super busy at work & I want to talk. I feel I’m bothering you now, chats wouldn’t be about cases.

I wish we could go to lunch together & talk about anything.

I care.
by ygmB September 14, 2022
Ok, this is really my last definition. I’m sitting here just waiting, wanting to share with you some of my feelings. I just need 5 mins. I feel like you care, if not I’m the worst at reading you. You’re amazing…I❤️ starring into your blue eyes. I’m completely undone. I wouldn’t ever make you feel obligated to any expectation, honestly? There are moments I just want to fuucckkkk, 69 is that what you want?? I’m up for that. Totally.
855 yep, so ice.
by ygmB August 23, 2022
This is my one & only definition. I care for you & more than what’s appropriate. But, who writes the law on love? How could they? They would etch thou shalt nots and the Sun would arrive to find themselves defeated in love. Throw the laws out, I want to be with you every morning. But, I’m also not going to let that happen. To love is to give, unconditionally. That is all I have. Unrequited love though??? The worst.feeling.ever. But, if this is true… then let me fall heavy on a sharp knife.
855 is to feel alive
by ygmB August 22, 2022
retarded; person behaving in a retarded manner
Some of these definitions are 855
by Jalisa December 31, 2004
I know imma call 855 Jay Sanders u know Jay Sanders don't play.
You know imma call 855 Jay Sanders u know Jay Sanders don't play!
by yosho maddi October 8, 2020

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Progressively like Plenty of Fishy Fannies.
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by Pplleennttyyofffiisshh January 7, 2019