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A Speedcubing term and a 4-step method for solving the Rubik's Cube. It is an acronym for Cross, First 2 Layers, Orient Last Layer, and Permute Last Layer. It is by far the most common method used for Speedcubing, most likely because of its ability to let the cuber attain quick solve times (under 20 seconds) without having to memorise a brain-busting number of algorithms. Although the method has 119 algorithms in total, it is a small number compared to the expert methods, which may have up to 800 different algorithms.

Its inventor is Jessica Fridrich, and because of that, it is also popularly known as the Fridrich method.
I currently use the CFOP method to solve my cube, and now average about 25 seconds. Hopefully, with more practice and refinement, I will be able to average under 20 seconds.
by Penbiks September 20, 2006
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