The amount of time it took for the Boston Bruins' hopes of a Stanley Cup to go down the drain.
The Chicago Blackhawks scored 2 goals against the Boston Bruins within a span of 17 seconds in the final minute of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final to win the series 4-2.
by TontoTheScalper July 13, 2013
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"17 second country" or "17 second society" is a term that originates from well cut, short video clips that only portray one side of an incident in an attempt to influence. It can be used to describe the hectic, click-based modern media domain that values twisted forms of political correctness in the form of individual "justice seekers" while condemning ordinary things as questionable.
"I don't want to live in this 17 second country, did you hear they found out this dude's workplace and got him fired because they didn't like his stupid Twitter joke?"

"X is such a 17 second country, all their major political headlines are just viral clips from campaign rallies, protests or whatever"

"You know they had to change their brand name after that vlogger made a video about how it's insulting to some minority, fucking wild. 17 sec society at its finest."
by verifiedname November 7, 2020
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