He simps alot and just simps cause he heartbroken
Female : you simping?

Ruben : a bitch took my heart and threw it to the floor im simping
by Clout Master October 16, 2017
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Ruben is a very nice, very handsome Puerto Rican (not Mexican, haha) gentleman. He is respectful to women, and has a great taste in music from those people who cover all the time on youtube.

He's got a crazy weird personality that makes you instantly want to be friends with him, and a fantastic humor that keeps you laughing hysterically throughout the whole conversation. (AND he can actually carry out an intellectual conversation!)

He's really a phenomenon, to be honest. A remarkable guy. :)
Becca: Morgan, why are you so tired?!

Morgan: Well, I was up all night messaging Ruben.

Becca: Why on earth would you do that?

Morgan: Because he's funny as hell and keeps me laughing, plus he's pretty dang extraordinary. I want to talk to him as much as I can. :)
by MorganShmorgan January 28, 2011
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The grizzliest machismo in all of manhood. Peasants cower in fear as his masculine sideburns bring down the wrath of God in their poor villages. You think you may have seen him before, but rest assured, if you had, your loins would have already frothed with passion and your mind would have his image carved until the ends of the earth. This is Ruben.
Ruben touched my bed the other day. I am forever blessed.
by Irontayguh March 13, 2011
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ruben is an extreemly clever individual who is known to be ridiculously atractive. He is a fan of cats and has a sensitive element to him which tends to atract the oposite sex. He uses lord of the rings to seduce females
"wow your looking Rubenish today"
by kimlyn:) February 01, 2012
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Ruben is a wonderful but, mysterious guy. He is usually good at soccer and can speak Spanish. He isn't the type to usually talk about girls and stuff like that. He isn't the type to be rude, he's the type to be nice and not rude like everybody else, he'll only be rude if you are to him. He's the popular nice type.
Girl:"Ahh Ruben is so cutee!"
by cceiina April 17, 2018
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An awesome guy whose kinda short. He's Hispanic and loves to workout. Hes very strong and has a hot body. Hes great in bed and is the thing of girls dream. Very loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect them. If you find him never let him go because your regret it alot. He's extremely athletic but also is a badass. Don't fight him unless you want to go to the hospital.
Don't mess with Ruben he'll kick your ass!

Awww your so lucky that your boyfriend is a Ruben.
by Reddragonfire23 November 05, 2018
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very awesome hilarious down to earth loves only 1 girl always n' forever
ruben loves his chula
by pimp89 April 12, 2009
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