Ruben is a closed book at the beginning but after you get to know him you can never close that book again, just don’t joke around about serious stuff then he won’t talk to you until you explain what u meant in the joke. Rubens are great listeners and love his sleep. They can talk about how amazing the world is and then he’ll turn back to the funny guy he was before and it will always freak you out. He loves all his friends and is very protective about the friendships he has especially with his female friends, he’s very protective of them and gets annoyed when people suspect them to be dating. So if you have a Ruben, what ever u do don’t let him go and be honest and proud to have him because he’s the best thing in your life.
Person 1: hey Lola some people where saying that you like Ruben?

Lola: umm...... well
Ruben: well that’s wrong because it’s not anyone’s problem to know who Lola likes so who ever told you that is lying and don’t go spreading more shit about it okay.
Person 1: okay I won’t

Lola: thank you for telling me, Ruben let’s go

Ruben: okay fine
by I got the real urban boys October 28, 2019
A really good looking guy with very dark eyes. He's shy and doesn't talk that much, but when you get to know him, he can have the best personality ever. He's very funny and cute. If you ever meet a Ruben, don't waste your time. GO TALK TO HIM!!
Ruben is awesome and very athletic
Random girl: Ruben you're cute
Ruben: *smiles*
by IWASBORNIN2002 March 10, 2020
A totally gorgeous guy that all the girls fall for. A little shy when it comes to relationships, but he will make up for it when you guys are both ready;) his eyes are so dark its un-real. Hes cool dont tell it to him or else he'll get so cocky, but you will love him no matter what.
"Margret": Trevor says hes better looking than Ruben!
Group of Girls: NOOO!
"Alyssa": guys hes right there!
Group of Girls: hey Ruben, your hawt!
Ruben: (smiling like hes irresistible)
by BFTTA September 23, 2018
Most handsome boy ever, very lazy and very classy his manors are not the best but his hair is beautiful u get lost in his eyes, u fall in love with Rubens naturally and he usually gets all the chicks but when he finds the right girl there’s no doubt about it hes protective.
“Oh that’s the boy ruben , don’t mess with his chick he will knock you out
by Leah cotton August 8, 2018
A guy who is just perfect, he can be emotional at times, but usually he's a great guy and is protective over his lover.
Hey have you heard of that guy Ruben? He's a great guy.
by Don't Have A Good Name November 20, 2014
Is a sexi guy
Ruben is so sexi
by Rubenskipop June 19, 2019
A very fine ass dude. Usally Salvadorian or Mexican but he has a really big dick and takes care of the girls he loves. Rubens also love soccer.
I love Ruben even tho were not dating he protects me
by Hot ass sexy boy May 8, 2019