A guy who is just perfect, he can be emotional at times, but usually he's a great guy and is protective over his lover.
Hey have you heard of that guy Ruben? He's a great guy.
by Don't Have A Good Name November 19, 2014
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A very fine ass dude. Usally Salvadorian or Mexican but he has a really big dick and takes care of the girls he loves. Rubens also love soccer.
I love Ruben even tho were not dating he protects me
by Hot ass sexy boy May 07, 2019
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Very smart, carries a great conversation, charms everyone, including me. Sucks you into his charm and sexappeal. Will make you fall for him. And then out I f nowhere he vanishes. Only to show up months later, finding out he has a girlfriend and she's pregnant, and has the baby on your birthday. Makes you wish he would of stayed gone, all's you would have is awesome memories. Instead of breaking your heart. He will always have a side chick.
Ruben, well time for me to go home I have a girlfriend and a new baby, I will see you when the girlfriend pisses me off. Then I will come see you, cause your my side chick.
by Not your side chck November 22, 2019
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A Hench,Cute,Handsome,Athletic person. A dude like Ruben is usually Tall, Fast he loves one girl with all his heart and he is a really good kisser.
by OlajideBT October 20, 2013
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Ruben is the type of guy u want. He is sweet, loving, and so fucking loyal. Will do anything to make u happy. He’s so hot and he never breaks a girls heart. If u have a Ruben don’t let him go you’ll regret it.
I had a ruben but I let him go :( I regret that everyday
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A sexy guy, with one hell of a deep voice that makes all the girls fall in love. I want me some Ruben <3
My man Ruben has a sexy voice <3
by That stalking Succubus <3 December 31, 2011
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