After we poured the slab, we had to consolidate the wet concrete with a horse cock.
by Lord Butterknife December 16, 2016
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The abnormally large reproductive organ of an exceptionally well hung man, reminiscent of the extended piece of a horse due it's rather unusual shape and size, otherwise also referred to as a macropenis.
"That gal I want to date asked for a dick pic, her only reaction was just 'HORSE COCK'"
by MisterWasGehtSieDasAn_ February 21, 2022
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A gigantic penis that will cause moose knuckling and gapping in most vagina. The opposite of rice dick.
Since he has a horse cock, he doesn't care if she's got camel toe or a moose knuckle gap. It's all tight to him.
by Insectdiet May 18, 2004
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Slang used by electricians. It is a tube of braided metal coupling that is flexible and used to grip multiple conductors together in 1 conduit
Gary: “Hey John, do you have a horse cock? This area keeps vibrating and I need to squeeze these two wires.”

John: “Sorry Gary I don’t, I had a horse cock but my kid started playing with it and got his fingers stuck, so I had to grab my Dremel and cut it off.”
by Frank Fappa July 6, 2020
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A penis in the size, shape, and stature, such as that of a horse's
Brett has a horsecock; it's the biggest dick I've ever seen
by carl June 11, 2002
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in the electricity industry: thick cable types (such as 2/5)
we need to run 200 feet of horse cock to the transformer.
by grz March 29, 2007
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The rather large dong that grossly masculine study hall teachers whip out of their pants and slam on students' desks in order to intimidate them.
justin: mrs. ****** is a total bitch. she should fuckin die

ms. ****** (approaching): oh yeah, well what do you think of this (whips out her ginormous horse cock and slams it on the table)

brett: holy shit, that is one huge cock
by Brett BHS October 19, 2005
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