a sexy and sensitive guy. can be extremely emotional. never shy and always ready to make a new friend wherever he goes. girls are easily attracted to rubens but they know not to play with they hearts. and when he finds the right girl he tends be VERY protective over her.
by shadowkitten February 04, 2010
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A guy who is mixed with multiple ethnicity's who's very good looking. Who's caring and committed to loving one and only girl that catches his heart who's name just happens to be Jenny. he's very athletic, fit, has a great taste in music, an exceptional dancer, funny, smart, outgoing. Ruben is truly an amazing person which no other guy competes with.
Ruben loves his Bae.
by Santana Martinez June 02, 2014
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He is out of this world . . . unreal in all he does , he stands out to the unique, he dedicates him self to everyone. hes loving hes caring , hes real ! hes hardheaded hes arrogant but hes fair. he knows how to treat a female, does not let his dick get the best of him. smart , athlete, usually spanish ! great in bed ! usually multi talented ! he's dedicated to what he loves, he does not turn his back on people. but he can be the biggest asshole !
You seem like a ruben !
by NYC ! October 13, 2011
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Someone who loves pineapples, and can’t commit to a relationship; gets bored.
by kenzzz_rob1 March 19, 2018
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A sexy curly haired guy, that always looks Scruffy, always looks like a tuff guy but is actually an amazingly nice guy that u can talk to for days. If he loves you, he will actually love you. Can be mean but always kidding. Ice cream hater, loves beer. Give him a hug and never let go:) And he's a little kid
by mdrbaby16 June 27, 2011
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A very sweet, kind boy. He's very tall and he's not that cute but he's not ugly either. He has a great smile. Don't mess with his friends or family or he will do whatever it takes to defend them. He has a huge heart. He's hispanic and speaks fluent spanish. He can dance and sing. If you are lucky enough to be his girl he will treat you like a queen. He is so smart and is usually good at basketball and very athletic in general. He is almost the perfect guy.
GUY- I wish I was Ruben
Girl- I wish I was his girlfriend.
by Bella.g June 07, 2019
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