Emma is lil.
Emma is a girl.
Emma is a lil girl.

There's not much more too say. I mean -- lil girls tend to be adorable. But the name really tells you everything.
by AnalMonster666 February 18, 2015
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what an older person refers to a younger person. sometimes to keep them in their place.
for females only.
who you think you talkin to lil girl.

thats a cute lil girl.
by kim nicole mcdonald June 26, 2005
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Someone who has an UNCO that tries to make all the decisions for her. In order to be a "lil girl", you must be at least 16 years of age or older(There is no maximum age). Lil Girls usually get what they want from their UNCO's as long as they suck dick at least once a week (and even then it is not guaranteed). It takes hard work to achieve this label.
She is such a lil girl that I love watching her cry at commercials.
by lilgirl March 6, 2003
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The feeling of defeat
A: *bust while having sex*

B: you just got lil girled

Person "A" have the 'feeling of defeat' because they let off (nutted, came, bust, ejaculated) quicker than Person "B"
by Inkyyyyy July 29, 2016
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11-16 year old little girls being sexual or flirting with boys/girls. Acting grown around boys, BASICALLY BEING A HOE AT A YOUNG AGE.
Mom: *On Phone* Yeah Girl I caught ShuhNeyNey flirting with some boys in the parking lot wearing me hoop earrings and some tight ass shorts. I believe im raising a fast ass lil girl. I whooped her ass tho, Hopefully she will change before she end up pregnant at 16.
by ISwearImaBeatHerUp May 28, 2019
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Person I Know that is cool,hi evil! :-D
Evil Lil Girl just kicked my ass -_-
by DanTheMan November 11, 2003
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A type of girl usually seen as a "E-girl" or "Alt" this is a girl who dresses in that style that listens to Lil Peep
wow they are so hot i bet they are a Lil Peep girl
by MikaTheGothGirl April 30, 2023
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