A person who cares about the little things in life. They make everyone's day brighter and more happy. They are also very funny. If

you find a Romeo never let them go.
by Crazy_Savage!!!! July 3, 2017
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Romeo is a caring person. He never judges a book by its cover.He is very attractive and always looks out for others. He's is also very protective of people. If you happen to have a romeo in your life don't let him go!
Girl-"Omg,Romeo just helped me helped my homework! He's soo nice!"
by #Ally. September 27, 2019
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The Romeos in your life just make you happy with their nonsense and good-natured antics.
Basically, Romeo is dope
by MetalMilitia4 March 13, 2019
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Man.... This guy laughs at walls for no reason. Manipulates name quite a lot (such as "Jamie" being "Jamie James") and also says his catchphrase "ting Tao" which gets annoying sometimes. Guy is on lil moseys dick 24/7 and every time he releases a new song hes like "OMG HOW HAVE NOT HEARD IT YET" even though it was released the day before. Man also spends thousands of pounds on designer stuff and breaks it in the first few hours if wearing them (he broke his vapormaxes in the first few days) he also likes Jess.
No even a single soul:
Romeo: lIL MoSEy iS tHE bESt!
by F1ynn July 10, 2019
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