if something is done

from Romeo Dunn, of So Solid Crew
a)How is your project going rob?
b)Its romeo
by aNthraXx January 26, 2004
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An Acronym for:

Dad is going out tonight with the ROMEO club - they are going to the early bird special at the shrimp shack...they love it...
by B. Hanback January 14, 2010
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Usually a guy with a huge ass forehead and he’s small and he likes to play football and thinks he’s so cool but he ends up crying when he gets tackled in football
Nicholas: Damn you see that kid crying Alexander: yea it’s probaly just that Romeo he always cry’s like a pussy
by SuicideForest101 January 30, 2018
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A PANSY- read the play- you'll know what i'm talking about
He just does whatever Juliet says and he's a lovesick pansy
by meowm sux a lot December 12, 2003
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The craziest man alive!
Crysta: That guy is so crazy...He must be a Romeo
Roberto: You mean he must be a Roberto
by just a crazy gal May 24, 2013
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Romeo Another word used for SWAT in five m servers.
OMG There a kid stealing candy for the 24-7

Hey man its all good , Just call ib Big Boy Romeo and his bois
by Big Boy Romeo October 04, 2019
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