Something you enjoyed as a kid, and then, when growing up, thought that it wasn't worth that much. But once you get old, you realize that the happiest days of your life were the childhood days, and the things you did as a kid were the best. Otherwise, it means you have to enjoy the little things in life, instead of waiting for the big things, as there may be none.
- Why did you eat like two bread slices at the all you can eat buffet? You should've taken more.
- The little things, my man, the little things...
by KenM November 3, 2015
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term women use for what they want a man to do for them, but does not specify what they should actually do. "its the little things". this simply means that said woman wants said man to understand that said man does not need to go above and beyond to impress, excite or win the love of said woman. simple gifts, gestures and sayings make this said woman happier and more pleased than expensive gifts and huge gestures. a simple rose picked from the grass outside is better than a bouquet of roses bought at a store to said woman, for example. this also means that when said man is not understanding why he has done something wrong and said woman says it is the little things, this can also mean he is NOT doing the little things that said woman wishes. the little things are added into everyday lifestyle to make a woman feel special and loved.
Mary: "John, why did you buy me an expensive car for my birthday?!"
John: "I thoughr you would like it!"
Mary: "i love it. but its the little things that make me REALLY happy John".
by yurmother21 December 12, 2013
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A word used to describe someone you’re interested or infatuated with, especially someone of who is short.
Come here, you cute little thing

You’re such a cute little thing!
by UncleTouchie March 14, 2019
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A very underrated song by the one and only
~One Direction~

It's awesome btw, you should def listen to it.
1. Hey, Joe, have you listened to little things? It's by One Direction and it's legit awesome!
2. -What's your favourite song?

-little things by One Direction!
by Granny pig July 4, 2021
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They always hang around and they always keep me down.
Before good charlotte became the object of preppies and werent sellouts...
by Ka August 14, 2004
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A word that describes zain's boobs.
- Hi, have you seen that flat girl over there.
- oh, that's zain ، she has a very little things.
by TheGreatD April 26, 2020
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