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One word:Power metal(okay, technically two). This is used to describe the speedy, melodic sub-genre of metal originally known as "true" metal to the cool people that made it. Sadly, power metal is very very somewhat very misunderstood by a majority of metalheads, but just know it's actually pretty cool. Btw I personally think Dragon Force and Hammerfall are where it's at (may be biased because they got me into power metal). Basically, it may not the metal you're used to, but that doesn't make it bad at all; it might just be better. Plus, power metal musicians should be given more credit considering that one song can literally be all solos.

Overall power metal breaks through the usual and barely lives up to its stereotype of being cheesy and lame. After all, I should know, I am and have always been a huge Metallica/thrash metal/heavy metal fan. 😆Hechyea to all metal.
I want to listen to power metal today, and some other random sub-genre of metal some other time.
Power metal can be cool, just chill
by MetalMilitia4 February 14, 2019
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The Romeos in your life just make you happy with their nonsense and good-natured antics.
Basically, Romeo is dope
by MetalMilitia4 March 13, 2019
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The man best known for his quote... "Yeah"( or yeeeeaaaaahahooohoooh! to be a little more accurate), which he is says in about every one of his songs.
Oh, he's also famous for being Metallica's frontman and being awesome and everything
All you need to know is James Hetfield is the best
by MetalMilitia4 April 8, 2019
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An Ayanna is a chill easygoing person that tried their hardest to be good natured and to make anyone and everyone laugh. Likes to be friends with everyone but especially enjoys their guy friends due to the fact that they have similar random, goofy, and funny personalities. Warning: the thing an Ayanna wants to do least in the world is hurt anyone, it would bring them to tears if they weren't so cautious about showing their sadness. The biggest thing to note is that they also love justice; they will make sure no one hurts those they care about even a little bit, and are happy when good things happen. Ayanna's also mainly show emotion through their eyes and don't like to make a dramatic show of anything in anyway that could cause damage. In the overall character they like to smile a lot have fun and chill.😎😛✌
Depending on the specific personality, Ayanna's tend to say 'What's up'. I don't really know why.
by MetalMilitia4 March 12, 2019
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DWAP stands for Dan With A Plan, the super cool Hungarian Youtuber .
Suscribe to DWAP(Dan With A Plan)
by MetalMilitia4 April 9, 2019
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