His body is small and his penis is smaller. Acts hard but is clearly a mummy’s boy deep down, although not apparent at first glance. Longing to hop on his iPad and play football manager. Constantly on this irrelevant Portuguese twat called Bruno Fernandes and his transfer to Man United. Frequently says ‘Letttts gooo’. Lives next to a primary school, coincidence? I think not. (He’s 15 btw) Scored many own goals and caused many penalties (which resulted in goals). Just a bit of a speck tbh
Romeo: Apparently its false information

Wow Ben
Ben: yh but imagine
Romeo: yh but i can’t imagine
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by UrbanDictionaryPigOfEpicness January 21, 2020
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boy rapper tha needs to grow up before he starts talking about fuckin girls.

nobody wants to hear about a 14 year old gettin pussy.
Romeo is attempting to bust into a business responding to young girls, teaching them values that most of us didn't learn about until high school.

When my 11 year old neice came up to me asking if i had a pussy, she told me Romeo taught her the word. Fuck Romeo.
by Saichen December 30, 2003
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this is a male that can get away with casual sexual relationships. if a girl was to act in the same way her name would be "SLUT"
sarah: "God! Brad had soooo many girlfriends!!"
Lee: " Yeah i know, that guy is such a Romeo"
sarah" OMG! Karen has sooooo many ex's!!"
Lee" Yeah i know, shes such a mother-f*ckin slut"
by caragh jade April 25, 2006
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one of the main characters in the play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shaxpere (yes, he spelled his own name like that)

he'll do anything for Juliet, even kill himself like a dumbass
*Juliet*: Romeo! O, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo! GIT YO FUCKIN' DUMB ASS OVA HURR, N199A!!"
by eroshiyda September 01, 2006
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a) A man named Romeo, who is often expected to get tons of pussy, due to the name being in Romeo and Juliet. Men named Romeo are not always bad or seductive.

b) A nickname for a man used to seduce women to obtain sensitive information for the government, a cult, or another organization.

c) A nickname for a good looking man who aids local sex traffickers into seducing or tricking women into the sex trafficking industry to become forced prostitutes. Often used in Latin countries with high crime rates, ESPECIALLY Mexico. Good signs that a man is a "Romeo" are that he claims to come from a rich family in sales, he has many female friends, he picks women up consistently in public places, makes false promises, and becomes overly possessive and loving soon after meeting.
a) "Just because his name is Romeo doesn't make him a bad guy."
b) "Romeos, which can be either male or female, were used during the Cold War to get sensitive information from government officials.
c) Male bystander A: "El hombre es su novio?"
(That man is her boyfriend?)
Male bystander B: "Jaja, es solo un romeo. Lo doy un mes y ella será de la industria."

(Haha, he is only a romeo. I give it a month and she will belong to the industry.)
by LittleLindsey June 28, 2016
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