This is a name that means that this guy wont cheat on you. He cares for you. Holton is the cutest, funniest, sweetest, and the best friend/ boyfriend you could ever have. He will be there for you when you need him... So, treat him like he is the king of the world, there aren't many guys like him around anymore.

PS: he is honest. Not many guys are honest anymore either.
Holton is the best boyfriend ever. Treat him right.
by H+C FOREVER June 20, 2019
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Ms.Holton is a crazy asian obsessed old math teacher who likes to blow her hot breath in your ear. Her breath smells that of rotten eggs and nasty Kombucha tea. She also enjoys the thought of $1 nasty mouth burning cookies and free living space in the school under her desk. She is commonly known as the Crazy Cookie Lady That Lives Under Her Desk. She likes to say on a regular basis "I want to eat Asians"...... She also is a crazy cat lady with approximately 30 cats in her house... And she likes to wear a navy blue outfit with Jesus sandals every day.... She is also in love with a particular little 6th grader...... And is hated by students on campus...
Student speaking:"Ms.Holton just blew her nasty breath in my ear"
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A form of trash talking where a fan of one team will use one word (usually the team name) to taunt a fan of another team.
Holtoning can be done verbally or over a written medium. It may be done preemptively before a game or after a win.

Ex. Donovan is a Cubs fan. Steve is a Braves fan. The Braves beat the Cubs today. Steve sends a text to Donovan that says "Braves"
by strwebb September 14, 2013
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1. Of or relating to greatness.

2. A name that originated in the United States. Normally only given to children that are born unnaturally smart and are deemed to have great potential.

3. Ancient Mayan artifacts indicate that a man named Edward Holton will come to power mid twenty-first century and rule the North and South America, Europe and the most eastward parts of Asia.
1. Holton the Great.

2. "Ma'am your baby showed an incredible ability to do advanced mathematics just minutes after birth, we believe he is worthy of the name Holton.
by MacDaddy88 February 4, 2010
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He is one of Detroit's most amazing and creative emcees. Formerly known on the Detroit scene as Maximum, the artist also had many aliases such as Derty Harry, Big Proof, Proof, Oil Can Harry.

Mainly known as Eminem's hype man and a member of the D12 group, Deshaun Holton has a lot of underground work with many Detroit artists at his active, such as 5ELA, Dogmatic, Iron Fist artists etc...
Proof s best known CDs are I Miss The Hip Hop Shop, Grown Man Shit, Promatic and Searching For Jerry Garcia.

The artist has also worked with mainstream artist such as 50 Cent and B Real of Cypress Hill, for instance.

Unfortunately, his promising career was cut short when he was fatally shot at the infamous CCC Club in Detroit on April the 11th, 2006 over an argument.

Deshaun Holton is the living proof of hip hop
by Isabelle Esling October 12, 2007
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Holton-Arms is a school for smart girls who are looking for a good education. Not everyone there is rich, so a lot of people are on scholarships. Like every school, there are cliques, mean people, popular people, and different people. Holton-Arms respects the fact that some people are different and they help those people to prosper on in their lives.
Girl 1: Hey! What's up?
Girl 2: Nothing... Wait... What school do you go to again?
Girl 1: Holton-Arms
Girl 2: WOW!!!! Everyone I have met from there are SOO nice!!!!!!
by blank12434321 January 25, 2011
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Dude that was so tommy holton
by abcderg February 16, 2014
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