The pinnacle of wordValley girl/word non-sequiturs.
Like, did you, like see him? I mean, he was, like, whatever!
by Blah August 9, 2003
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Guy 1: Are you going to that party tonight?
Guy 2: Its like whatever.

Guy 1: What do think of that girl over there?
Guy 2: Shes like whatever...
by drflubert August 1, 2008
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The most common and most annoying comment you can find on almost any comment section on any YouTube video.
"like this for a subscriber, yo."



"Girls, keep the like button even.
Boys, keep it odd."
Or even
"Like for whatever reason, bro!"
by Wilted Roses June 16, 2019
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🙄 Used as bored.
"Look, I have a lot of mail!" - (Person A (1 line))
"rolling eyes like "whatever you say"" -- (Person B (2 lines))
by Saetern May 23, 2018
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