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(n.) A bodaciously large ass that slams and bounces with each step. Usually there is a ripple that bounces throughout the cheek as the foot hits the ground.
Daaamn dude she got that dump-truck ass!! Look at that shit, everytime she step it go 'bah' 'bah' 'bah'
by Sammy Nutt July 01, 2010

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As the guy ejeaculates he grips his penis head tight making the whole smaller so the pressure shoots a tight rope of semen a long distance
Man I was so horny last night I cranked that laser-cum all over her face...and that was while I was on my knees!
by Sammy Nutt June 29, 2010

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(adj.) When you realize you have to dump really bad after the person next to describes how bad they have to poopy or after they run to the bathroom
Now that you mention it, I have to dump like a motherfucker too...boy oh boy squeezing out a few steamy logs must be pooptagious
by Sammy Nutt June 24, 2010

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When you take an extra third hit of ganj, thus breaking the universal rule of 'puff, puff, pass'
Dude I didn't take tripsies!! I barely got anything off the second hit so I just took a little small one!
by Sammy Nutt July 01, 2010

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(n.) The nutt inside a girls/guys butt after 3+ people have spread their 'butter'
After the fourth guy finished, Lorie was completely filled with that nuttbutter
by Sammy Nutt June 29, 2010

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To completely fuckin’ lose it and beat the tar out of someone, preferably your father in-law.

**Modeled after Met’s pitcher K-Rod’s epic meltdown on 8/11/2010 in which he beat the fuck out of his father in-law in the team clubhouse, resulting in assault charges.**
Example: “Reginald’s been taking my shit like a punk bitch…better watch out I’m gonna go fuckin’ K-Rod on his ass”
by Sammy Nutt September 02, 2010

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When the guy busts and leaves his load on the top of her pubic mound, giving her vagina a snowy roof.
Guy: "Im gonna cum...snowy roof time!"
Girl: "You got it everrrrywhere!"
Guy: "Aw babe I just wanted to cool off your vag...at least I didnt try to make a snowman with it this time"
by Sammy Nutt September 09, 2010

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