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created one of the best bands of all time- the smashing pumpkins, and is undoubtedly in the top three of the most AWESOME frontmen of the 90s. known to most as 'that really pale tall guy with no hair that plays a bitchin' guitar', billy is evidence that not all poets are dirt poor. if you havent heard this dude's songs, what the hell are you waiting for??!!
'billy corgan is so cool'

'i named my child billy and gave him a guitar and a superman top'
by awesome February 19, 2005

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an interesting eccentric person
Oh, Tom, you're such a character.
by Awesome April 19, 2005

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Greatest city on earth! Always something buzzing somewhere !

Coolest people, very approachable, great looking people, plus all these awesome festivals...
ah man, mtl is sooo cool!
by awesome January 30, 2005

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An individual which has no common sense, is relatively stupid and says random things like "salmonella doesn't come from eggs" and other like-for-like quotes along the same lines. Can usually be found with blonde hair and going by names such as "Kay," "pea head," "Tay-tay," "Noris" "Fred" and other names alike. Tend to wear tracksuits and generally dress like "chavs".
"You're a right durv" "Look at that blonde haired girl, she looks a right durv"
by awesoME November 22, 2012

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the trunk of a female
Hey baby let me pull up to dat bumpa and smack dat monkey
by awesome April 15, 2003

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a washy pathetic individual. A school washout.
ein attempted suicide
by awesome March 01, 2005

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A person well known for extra-ordinary strength and the uncommon ability to break a grown man's back with a folding chair. Also known as Ted.
I saw Thinker yesterday. I thought he was just a myth. My life has now been made whole.
by awesome October 03, 2003

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