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The exact opposite of separation of church and state. Political decisions influenced by religious beliefs.
The couple's religical views determined how they voted.
by zmhk December 07, 2013
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Combining religion and poilitics to preoposterous proportions. A tactic the GOP employs to explain natural catastrophes or tragedies such as the Japan Earthquake and tsunami, and AIDS.
Rush Limbaugh went all religical trying to say that God was talking to the Japanese by giving them an earthquake. What an asshat.
by Nevel7 March 22, 2011
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the act of a religician(religous person)forcing religcs(religious political beliefs/agendas) on another unsuspecting person or persons who are not interested, comfortable with or open to anything that the religical person has to say.
1.) Those jehova witness people knocked on my door and got religical with me as soon as I opened the door. 2.) Keep the religics to yourself... Bitch.
by Digital Dev September 23, 2018
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