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1) A guy was hit in his pubic region in a tv show is perceived as funny, a joke.

2) A lady was hit in her pubic region in a tv show is perceived as offensive, malicious and very much inappropriate.
Sexism is around us, regardless if you're male or female.
by lambino October 24, 2014
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sexism is a subject invented and studied by feminists. They held a hypothesis that the lexicon, grammatical structure, etc. of a language contain features that makes woman excluded, insulted or unimportant.
"Tomorrow I will meet my new doctor; I hope he is friendly."
Since the speaker hasn’t met the doctor, how can the speaker know the doctor is HE? This kind of assumption can be regarded as sexism in Language.
by sophia41 January 23, 2008
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A way of life like welfare for black people. now stop bitching and get back to the kitchen.
Funny sexism:
Why is it call pms?
Because mad cow disease was taken!

How do you spell woman backwards?

So i was watching cinderella the other day with my niece and relized if you watch it backwards its about a woman learning her place!

Joe: Hey dude guess wat?
John: What?
Joe: My gf got her license
John: What women drivers that doesnt make any sense theirs no highway between the kitchen and bedroom
by Biddyslayer69 May 31, 2011
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something that has worked for the past 2000 years.
Sexism is the metaphorical leash that when properly applied can keep those who do not benefit society in any conceivable form from controlling your life. Make me a sandwich bitch!
by Mac___Crazy February 17, 2011
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An attempt for ignorant women to complain that they aren't treated equal, when they are.
Can women vote? yes
Then why do they still think they aren't treated equal?
by Damaddar August 09, 2004
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Unfair discrimination of both genders, male and female. There are many examples of it, and it attacks both genders.
1. Porn, because it makes females look like sex objects/increases males' expectations
2. How gym coaches go easy on females, but treat males like crap no matter how good they do. 5 pushups is good for a female, but 25 is bad for a male
3. How females can get a boyfriend with no effort on their part, but it's very hard for males
4. How skinny males are seen as weak nerds, but skinny females are seen as hot

Summing this up, a male's life is harder
I hate my gym coach, he's the epitome of sexism. Girls only have to do 5 pushups, but we have to do 50 and still get yelled at.
by Unlucky_Male August 08, 2012
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