1) A guy was hit in his pubic region in a tv show is perceived as funny, a joke.

2) A lady was hit in her pubic region in a tv show is perceived as offensive, malicious and very much inappropriate.
Sexism is around us, regardless if you're male or female.
by lambino October 24, 2014
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something that has worked for the past 2000 years.
Sexism is the metaphorical leash that when properly applied can keep those who do not benefit society in any conceivable form from controlling your life. Make me a sandwich bitch!
by Mac___Crazy February 18, 2011
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Basically look up some definitions of feminism or feminist on this site and that is sexism. Sexism occurs more commonly for females but it often occurs for males too.
"Women can do the same job as men, but won't always get paid the same amount. This is sexism."

"Men who are skinny are seen as weak, however women who are skinny are seen as attractive. This is sexism."
by Hermione Clark-Lee August 6, 2017
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Sexism is very real in our world and the definitions I have found are not great so I'm putting one out myself.

Sexism is discrimination of a male or female based on their gender and gender stereotypes, this is shown for females with the wage gap and comments often heard, and for males it is shown with the expectations they are held to that they are expected to meet while females aren't due to their gender, they are also less likely to gain custody of a child in a court hearing, and jobs they are "supposed" to have and for both, Magazines showing what they "should" look like.
Female sexism:
"That chick looks like such a whore"

"That chick should be in the kitchen not out there trying to be a cop" Male sexism:
"Your too sensitive to be a guy"

"Man Up!"

None of these comments are true if you hear one of these things being said STAND UP TO IT! or ignore it because you can be whoever you want don't let sexism get in your way.
by the_right_definitions April 8, 2019
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An attempt for ignorant women to complain that they aren't treated equal, when they are.
Can women vote? yes
Then why do they still think they aren't treated equal?
by Damaddar August 9, 2004
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Unfair discrimination of both genders, male and female. There are many examples of it, and it attacks both genders.
1. Porn, because it makes females look like sex objects/increases males' expectations
2. How gym coaches go easy on females, but treat males like crap no matter how good they do. 5 pushups is good for a female, but 25 is bad for a male
3. How females can get a boyfriend with no effort on their part, but it's very hard for males
4. How skinny males are seen as weak nerds, but skinny females are seen as hot

Summing this up, a male's life is harder
I hate my gym coach, he's the epitome of sexism. Girls only have to do 5 pushups, but we have to do 50 and still get yelled at.
by Unlucky_Male August 8, 2012
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Sexism is what both men and women suffer from. Most people think that women suffer more from it, however they have much less to complain about nowadays.
Common examples of sexism towards women :

1) When a guy has sex with a lot of girls he is admired, however when a girl has sex with a lot of guys she is called a 'slut' or 'whore'

2) women get paid less than a man does even if they both do the same job at the same level.

Common examples of sexism towards men:

1) No matter how much a woman makes, the man is often expected to pay for everything.

2) The man is expected to ask the girl out rather than the other way around, he is also expected to propose, etc.

3) If a man hugs another man he is gay, if a woman kisses another woman with tongues, it is seen as normal.

4) If a man sees a woman undressing in her bedroom.. HE is arrested for being a Peeping Tom.

If a woman sees a man undressing in his bedroom...HE is arrested for indecent exposure.

5) If a woman hits a man, noone bats an eyelid, if a man fights back, he can be arrested for up to life in jail.

6) Women feel like they're entitled to help from men, whilst they don't think they need to return the favour.

7) Being raped, beaten, etc is a very serious concern if it happens to women. However if it happens to men? The man would be laughed at and told to 'grow some balls.'
by Danz123 August 25, 2010
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