Terrible. Just awful and painful to look at.
Terrible. Have you seen my grades? They are god awfully painful to look at!
by Dr. Assmaster December 23, 2017
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Are fucking terrible I need a tutor like they are beyond in hell...
Somebody: My grades are fucking terrible
Anybody: do your work cunt
by notsusatall December 07, 2018
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going from “aggression” to “determination” in an environment of work and education :)
went from a’s to d’s and so did my grades, so now my “aggressionturned into “determination”.
by trishlovesfish January 23, 2021
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An answer to a question that means a higher ranking official has to answer the question

An answer that is unacceptable for any US President, or Presidential hopeful to give.
Barack Obama says answering the question of when a baby gets "human rights" is "above my pay grade"
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