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A series of waves in a body of water (ocean, sea, lake, etc) that wreaks havoc on the coastlines of said body of water. Caused by displacement of the water, like throwing a rock into a pond; mostly caused by earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, the occasional asteroid/comet, anything that disrupts the water.
Unlike ordinary waves, tsunami waves act more like shock waves from an explosion; they affect the whole water column from the surface to the sea floor and in the open sea travel as fast as an airliner. In deep water, they hardly look different from normal waves, but as they approach the shore they slow down, their energy is compressed, and they turn into monsters: the water often drains from the beach, exposing the sea floor and stranding boats and sea animals (people should know that this is a warning to run like hell for high ground); then the first of a series of increasingly huge waves batter the coastline and sweep people inland, one wave coming in just as the previous one is draining away; finally, the waves drain back to sea, dragging debris and people with them and leaving the coast a mass of wreckage.
The Japanese are regularly visited by tsunami. The evidence for this is the word itself, which means "harbor wave" in Japanese, referring to the great damage that the waves do to ports (among other things). But even the Japanese are taken by surprise; the 2011 Tokohu earthquake and tsunami proved tsunami barriers useless (many of the 15,000 victims died because of a false sense of security) and nearly created the next Chernobyl.
The Minoan civilization on Crete was severely crippled by many tsunami around 1600 BC when Thera (Santorini) blasted itself 20 miles into the sky.
by RuddyWriter August 06, 2016
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A book character from Wings of Fire. She is a SeaWing who loves to boss people around. Spoiler alert, she’s a SeaWing princess
Starflight: How should we study today?

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One of the ocean's deadliest and flashiest weapons in its continuing war on humanity.

The ocean rises up and sends a sweeping wall of itself onto land, killing as many people as it can. The forefront of this assault is called a tsunami.
The ocean must be held accountable for these blatant displays of aggression.
by Ocean Truth Society March 02, 2005
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A Japanese word meaning "wave train," that causes the water to retreat on several occasions back into the ocean and striking again with an unrelenting force of liquid terror. Why? Because mother nature is a bitch.
"Look mommy, all the water disappeared! Instead of being responsible and running away like the rest of the people, why don't we go walk out onto the beach? Surely nothing bad will happen like a Tsunami!"
by HellsingDMC November 01, 2014
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Japanese for big wave. Tsunamis can be generated by earthquakes, underwater landslides, and in rare cases, giant meteors striking the Earth's seas or oceans.
If a giant rock from space hits the ocean, the coasts and islands will be wiped off the face of the Earth
by AYB May 27, 2003
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a) A giant wave generated by an undersea earthquake, landslide or by a meteor impact.
b) Splashing of water in the toilet caused by plopping a big turd.
I plopped a huge one and the tsunami it caused splashed my ass all over
by Hugh G Rection September 19, 2003
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