The exact opposite of separation of church and state. Political decisions influenced by religious beliefs.
The couple's religical views determined how they voted.
by zmhk December 07, 2013
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The practice of disliking anyone that is not a memeber of your religion. Same definition as Racism or Sexism but with religion.
He's a religist. Anyone who hates people of a religion other than your own is practicing religism.
by Russian cowboy May 26, 2009
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Full of meaning, deep, serious, legit
My parents and I had a talk about getting my grades up last night, I wasn't taking it seriously but then it got pretty relig
by StaRJ October 22, 2007
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something very serious not having to do with religon but meaning a promise or serious act.
dude my relationship with my girl friend is starting to get so relig.
by Beau P. October 11, 2007
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Combining religion and poilitics to preoposterous proportions. A tactic the GOP employs to explain natural catastrophes or tragedies such as the Japan Earthquake and tsunami, and AIDS.
Rush Limbaugh went all religical trying to say that God was talking to the Japanese by giving them an earthquake. What an asshat.
by Nevel7 March 22, 2011
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