When your orange looks really weird.
Guy: Why is my orange this weird color, I guess it should be called a red.
Other Guy: You Idiot, that's an apple.
by udontknowmeidontknowu February 10, 2021
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Ik ben echt te red voor deze chick,
by Bakinbuddha November 17, 2021
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"Red Sus", Blue said as Red gave evidence that it was Blue.
by WTMS369 October 18, 2020
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A color, but also the name of a guy with a very large penis
Nick: Wow Red's penis is way bigger than mine!
by mackenziesvirginity June 17, 2022
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The greatest Pokemon Trainer in the world. Beware that Pikachu.
by Strayist May 10, 2012
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Red is the color of humanity. It represents everything we live and breath for. It's passion and war. Love and strength. Blood and will. It's the fire that burns the forest only to be reborn in it's image. It's adrenaline and rage and a quite moment where you're on the top of the world, or the bottom. Red is killers and blood, freaks and victims, and the simple things. That big jucy apple that makes your day with a deep sigh, and those little flaws that you look over or stretch. Red is everything that make you you and me me and and everything that makes us fit perfectly together, or break into a million peices.
by friskanne August 21, 2010
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