a person you care about very deeply
she/he/they are my orange
by hjaefgkgsruolklszary December 4, 2020
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My orange means like the person you keep going back to 🥲
Fuck man who’s your orange

Bitch you mf know my orange is Dani
by January 2, 2021
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your orange person is someone you heavily admire and look up to, someone you wouldn’t be the same without, someone you love dearly and who was needed to guide you on your journey
What am I to you?”
You’re my orange person :)”
by emiliawrites October 23, 2022
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1) The stripping of clothing.

2) The removal of the skin of a citrus fruit.
You: "Wyatt, will you peel my orange?"
Wyatt: "Of course! Anything for you!"
by Carlito and Maj January 9, 2011
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No two orange halves fit together except the two you cut. Hence 'you complete my orange' not my heart because half my heart isn't actually missing.
by Giaras November 1, 2009
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A female who is full of orange energy to stick her cox inside of her lovers booty my Orange rooster is crowing for Erica so bad i cant quit grabbing my shit.
by blue_spunk December 20, 2017
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a creative and subtle way of saying that you're going to have a shitty day (derived from a florida orange juice commercial).
John: I got an email saying the professor would post our grades today.

Mike: at least I have my orange juice...
by AngryAtom January 19, 2011
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