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Since The Last jedi came out, the Star Wars community has been pretty divided. Some of them enjoy the Sequel movies while others do not want it in their cannon.
Can we please just divide the Star Wars universe like Star Trek? Split it after Return of the Jedi so we can get the DIsney universe and the Filoniverse or something. Why can't we both get what we want.
by udontknowmeidontknowu January 25, 2021
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A guy who wears mittens and sits in a chair.
I'm surprised the bernie sanders definition wasn't flooded with memes already.
by udontknowmeidontknowu January 25, 2021
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The Glow squid is a new genetic mutation of the squid, giving it the ability to glow and making it more powerful. Soon the evil Squid Empire will take over the world and enslave all of humanity. Only the Iceologer gang has the power to fight off these beasts.
oh no, the squids are taking over!!!!

The Glow squids are too powerful!!!
I should have voted for the Iceologer.
by udontknowmeidontknowu December 10, 2020
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A game where little A-shaped guys mug people, hence the name "Amogus".
A letter A mugged us in Amogus.
That's sus.
by udontknowmeidontknowu November 2, 2021
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The second planet humans will inhabit, we just need to build a giant electromagnet to get rid of the radiation. It's manifest destiny, but this time let's not enslave, murder, and do countless other unspeakable acts to any martian natives we find.
year: 2130
Guy: Ima go to the beach
Guy 2: ok but don't forget your tetanus shot
Guy: oh right we're on Mars, and iron sand, haha!
by udontknowmeidontknowu March 5, 2021
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Also known as Chillagers, this fallen army of ice was our last defense against the squid empire. After some mad science experiments by Dr.Dream, the ice army lost the battle of the 2020 mob vote and the newest form of squid, the glow squid, was born. With this powerful new squid, the squid empire is one step closer to world domination. A Minecraft computer once predicted a squid uprising for 2019. Researchers found that the computer short-circuited and predicted the uprising for 1 year too early.
F in the chat for our fallen heroes the iceologers.
by udontknowmeidontknowu November 11, 2020
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