Matt: "Dude you broke my bong, what can we do?"

Fred: "How about an apple"
by kzdhdfsimweerilaseiojedre September 6, 2010
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A card game originally made for small children where one matches nouns to a given adjective that somewhere along the line, as most things, got turned into a drinking game.
Person 1: Okay so for "Useless" I got Helen Keller, Anne Frank and Lima Beans. This is going to be the hardest Apples to Apples round yet.
Person 2: No way. It was harder when for delicious I had to pick between Megan Fox and Sandwiches.
by Naple's nipples July 7, 2010
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An extremely fun board game in which contestents try to get the judge to pick their noun for a certain given adjective
Jim: Hey dude lets go play Apples to apples

Brett: No thanks i'd rather play quiddler
by Ishmail January 4, 2007
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1) the awesomest game ever
2)A semi-popular card game involving anywhere from 4 to 10 people; where one green "topic" card is laid down, and each player puts down a red card relevant to the topic. Very often cards are put down as a direct contradiction to the topic, or to be funny.
-- the game is named such because instead of comparing to different things, such as "apples to oranges", you are comparing to similar things.
Apples to Apples is the best game ever!

Dude you cant compare those, its like comparing Apples to Oranges. But here: compare these apples to those apples...

idk how do you make an example for this?
by jakejj March 6, 2010
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Terrence: wanna play apples to apples?
Dylan: psh! fuck yes!
Andrew: what's apples to apples?
Sabrina: only the most amazing game ever!
by RollLikeMe August 15, 2010
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The conflation (cognizant or otherwise) of two distantly related notions.
ex. apples-to-apples:

"Look, Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization and we know with 100% certainty that Saddam is in pursuit of yellowcake uranium from Niger. September the Eleventh.
by Wordsworth (1770-1850) January 15, 2007
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The act of handcuffing one's balls to another man's balls.
Chase: Hey, if I go apples to apples someone tonight would you think less of me in the morning?
Brynton: Absolutely not.
by Chase the Penetrator November 27, 2016
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