A middle-sized town, located in Morris County, New Jersey. If you come from Randolph you either work from 2:30 PM-10:00 PM every night, or in most cases, your parents are loaded. Randolph is the one town that everyone wants to be in, until they realize that there is nothing to do but go to an occasional weekend party or spend their time driving to a surrounding town to have some fun. The center of Randolph is the Acme, which you can already tell makes this town a shit load of fun. It is often said that you would think a town with so much money would have at least one place to hang out, but your completely wrong. All in all the town of Randolph is not too bad, if you have money, and are not worried about finding something to do on the weekends.
"Yeah, that stuck up J.A.P must be from Randolph."
"Did your daddy buy you that?"
"At least we are going to college..."
by CJGCB14 October 30, 2006
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You know your from Randolph NJ when:
-There is a party basically every weekend.
-You hate Roxbury & Knolls.
-Almost everyone is completely loaded.
-Your parents are doctors, lawyers, etc.
-Your high school is beastly at Ice Hockey.
-DQ is where every girl works during the summer.
-You stop at Burrinis, ACME, 711, or Dunkin in the morning.
-Budd is your favorite RAM guard.
-Almost everyone drinks/smokes on a daily basis.
-When your bored you either go to a party or drive around.
-Rumors spread like wildfire.
-Basically every girl isnt a virgin.
-Half the school is STD infested.
-You love Randolph even when there isnt anything to do.
-We suck at football.
-Spirit week is the only good week in school.
-When random fights break out for no reason.
-Everyone hates the guidance counselers, vice principles, etc.
-Every guy thinks their fantastic at graffiti.
-The freshman are always slutty as alllll hell.
-You go to the commons if you want to skip class.
-The cooking room is your favorite place to be.
-Everyone either works at Burrinis, Forte, DQ, or in Morristown.
-You know who did what & when.
person 1: wanna go to a party in Randolph?
person 2: hell yea!
by ohtrue22 January 3, 2010
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The epitome of godlike qualities. Obsessed with working out at the gym in order to get swole. The name also means, Wolf Shield. An absolute and unmatched statement of strength and vitality. A truly rare and blessed name.
Beast:Hey Randolph
Randolph:*Doesn't respond due to headphones in ear, hyped up with some Crazed pre-workout, and equipped with brand new leather gloves*
Beast: Right....hes fully turnt
by CarnivalKing April 21, 2013
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A gloomy town in northern New Jersey characterized by a lack of things to do, a lack of sidewalks, and radio towers rising up behind a backdrop of crappy weather. The town is populated by lax bro jocks and hipsters. Most people are generally nice and accepting but this is because they are stoned twenty-four seven. Most kids spend their weekends aimlessly wandering around in the woods and getting stoned. The center of the town is Acme which shows there is absolutely nothing to do. Most people think that everyone who lives in Randolph is rich - they are right.
A: Hey, want to go out and do something?
B: Wtf? We live in Randolph
A: Oh yeah. Pass the bong.
by iloverelientk July 1, 2011
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A hood little town in Massachusetts It got alot of Fake Gangstas and a bunch of Hoodrats from Boston and Brockton. Also home to wanna be hoodz of S. Randolph Tyrone Gardens and Presidential Acres
Randolph person: Wat up my nigga?
Dorchester person: Shut up Oreo
by Pat Macnamara September 4, 2006
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A town in the middle of Portage County, Ohio, filled with ignorant racists, farmers, emo kids and jersey shore wanna-be's. And most people that call the town a "Hick-Town" own cows, pigs, chickens, etc. Anyone who isn't a hick is made fun of or looked down upon, unless you happen to play sports.
Where are you from?
Where is that?
Portage County, Ohio, it is filled with bigots.
by FuckBigots. July 26, 2011
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Randolph is a YouTuber that has over 1 million subs.

Is Miniminter's* friend
He also hosts the what's good with Miniminter*
He also has a massive horse cock

Miniminter is KSI's friend
Have you seen that Randolph reached 1 million subs yay 😀
by Jackperson June 22, 2021
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