A ghetto burrow of Boston. Most of the people are black except the west part is all rich white kids.
Roxbury is like, "Boston's Brooklyn".
by some polak September 16, 2004
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A section of Boston that is ghetto
Roxbury is a place where u don't wanna be
by Mike H July 9, 2004
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you know your from roxbury when..
-theres a swimming pool on the third floor
-the one subsitute you ask for is mr. kelly
-you walk down the halls and smelling like rotten eggs from somthing that exploded in a lab
-the old lockers pretty much dont lock
-you know who were referring to when we say kid rock
-the band/choir room was made bigger, but yet theres classes with 30 people
-you know senora and join her class randomly
-teens hang out at mcdonalds
-tuesday night is free movie night and car show at the roxbury mall
-legs spread faster than rumors
-fuddruckers is the place to hang in the winter
-you've ran across route 10 for taco bell
-half the high schoolers work at shop rite
-the toliets over flow
-and an e-coli scare
-you only get service someplaces and you know where
-every one loves bruce
-lots of girls are orange
-our rivals are randolph
-eighth grade girls are sluts, just wait till high school it all changes
-theres always drama
-and there not all rich
-theres always that one house that people hang out at
-everyones got their own clicks
-juniors get to park on righter
-everyone has a feeling the art teacher was a hippie
-only the ugly girls get in trouble for what they wear
-vitamin water labels are all over note books along with five gum
-you get kicked off computers when your on youtube
-ledgewood dunkin dounuts is where out of school kids hang out with their cars
-football games is where its at
-when it rains theres nothing to do
-woods parties
-everyone knows when you did something with someone
-the elevator gets stuck
-everyone still calls it K2
-landing and hopatcong kids work at pathmark
-you've walked to the mall in the rain
-you've walked the rail road tracks
by Roxbury New Jersey August 15, 2008
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A small rich, suburban town in Morris County New Jersey. Basically filled with hundreds of white kids that don't know how to spend their parents money...so they buy stupid shit like big ass sun glasses, and every garment for either Hollister, or Abercrombie possible. If they don't spend their money on these things it will most likely be spent on weed, or liquor. The band is awesome and the choir is even better,despite how good that band is people still deny being a peart of it.
"I went to Roxbury to see that movie."

"I went to the Roxbury diner after the dance."

"I went to the white castle in Roxbury."

"I went bowling a circle lanes in Roxbury."

"Wow she's such a stupid whore, she must be from Roxbury."
by heyma March 22, 2006
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The name of a well known Bar / House in the small town of Brockport, NY. Usually known for frat parties it was once a bar back in the early 1970's. Currently the Fraternity of Delta Sigma resides there.
"Hey lets go out for a night of drinking!!" "Where?" "The Roxbury, where else!!!"
by College Girl May 9, 2008
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a very boring town in Western Morris County full of rich kids where all there is to do is drink on weekends. Town is best known for its Football and Wrestling teams. The school has no windows, its pretty much a jail and administration continues to keep screwing the kids in the school over with their bullshit rules. Roxbury throws the best parties in the area attracting kids from Randolph, Mendham, Mount Olive , and Long Valley
Mount Olive kids: "this town is beat, lets goto Roxbury to party"
by njsucks May 7, 2006
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RONG. roxbury is a white town with alot of girls who like to think they are all grown up when they really just graduated 8th grade. the high school has NO windows and it feels like a prison. where everyone is in a group and singled out, everyone knows you if you've slept with someone because chances are you've fought them at the movies because they " stole your man". everyone has money and has been to the mall 334834 times so they spend it on beer and weed to enjoy their weekend. or they spend it in the mcdonalds parking lot. there arent really alot of black people so idk where they are getting that from. every girl gets pregnant or pretends to be for attention. over all its a bunch of rich white kids who cause drama.
welcome to roxbury take ur sunglasses off its shady
by Melissa Garvicia January 2, 2006
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