Jewish American Princess
JAPS originated in Jericho,NY
shes wearing a velour juicy track suit and a junkfood t-shit(that states camp is my second home) shes wearing brand new uggs. shes yelling at her her equally jappy mother to let her have a 25 person sleep over (girls AND boys) constantly saying omg and like and wearing sweatshirts from the bar/bat mitzvah the previous weekend.
She is trying to be a J.A.P but she is wearing ALL knockoffs
by yoyomarshmallow January 24, 2007
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What is a J.A.P? (Not to be confused with the ethnic slur)
A J.A.P stands for "Jewish American Princess." A jap is a jewish girl that grew up in a wealthy household and neighborhood, typically in the east coast. Japs are known for being "bratty and snotty" as well as wearing overpriced clothes. Japs will usually have a huge bat mitzvah, and in the summer they can be spotted at a sleep away camp with their other "jappy" friends.

What does a Jewish American Princess wear?
Here are a few overpriced brands/stores that a jap will shop at:
Aviator Nation - Loungwear

Golden goose
Roller rabbit
(and many more)
Have you seen Jessica's new Golden Goose?
Isn't this her 10th pair? She is so jappy.
I know, right? She's such a J.A.P!
by juuulia12 January 27, 2021
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J.A.P = Jewish American Princess This definition only applies for J.A.Ps in the Toronto area!

A J.A.P is a very wealthy girl with Jewish heritige.

Some things a J.A.P would wear is:
-Juicy hoodies
-Free City hoodies and sweatpants
-American Apperal

-Canada Goose or the older coat, North Face
-VS Pink
- TNA, generally Aritzia brands
-Moccasins and UGGs
- Tiffany and Co. necklaces
- Basicly anything that's expensive.

- Gigantic homes in the Lytton Park, Rosedale, Moore Park, Bridle Path , Larence Park, and Forest Hill
- Expensive family cars like BMW and Volkswagan
- Extravigant Bat Mitzvas where they invite other J.A.Ps who connect with each other.

- Sleepover Camp generally White Pine

All the J.A.Ps in the Toronto area know each other

J.A.Ps in the Toronto area are actually very nice. They don't talk about what they have and they don't brag. They are extremly outgoing people and never shy. All the guys drool over them because they are naturally pretty. They don't wear a lot of make up and they don't care if they're wearing designer sweat pants on a date.

J.A.Ps can be found at the following schools:
-Forest Hill (big one)
-Havergal College (private school)
- Bishop S (private school)

Non-Jewish rich girls are also considered J.A.Ps.
Person 1- Look at that girl over there, ugh she has everything.
Person 2: She's such a J.A.P
by RitchieRich July 8, 2011
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Jewish American Princess(prince)

Refers to someone who is snoby, rudy, self absorbed. Does not have to be jewish.
She was being such a J.A.P. when she took back the 5000 ring her parents gave her.
by ColdFire October 26, 2006
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the definition of a J.A.P is a Jewish American Princess or Prince. They usually are girls. They wear the nicest cloths usually are a daddy's girl or inherit a lot of money. go to most expensive school. can be very smart but usually idiots.most go to sleepover camp (mostly Camp White Pine and Manitou)
Cloths they would wear- Juicy, free city, American Apparal, Free People, Aritzia, T.N.A, Canada Goose etc.

Shoes- Havianas, Converse, Tom's, Ugg, Moccasins, Hunters etc.

bags- Pink, Coach, Louis viton, Prada etc.

J.A.P #1 "did you see her shoes?...YUCK"

J.A.P #2 "ya i know!...wanna go shopping tommorow?"

J.A.P #1 "ya sure i love shopping!"
by mycheese12 October 16, 2011
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JOEY ABUSES PENCILS, He abuses them so much that scientists are studying his behavior. Joey is being paid millions of dollars just to abuse pencils so scientists can see exactly how he does it. It is a very detailed process, which would take about 150 pages to describe entirely, but all in all, we know that JOEY ABUSES PENCILS.
Definition: J.A.P can be used as an exclamatory phrase, an imperative phrase, or even a statement.
by TheGhostBusted April 11, 2019
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(1)That "women" is your typical J.A.P.(2)Stop acting like a JAP (3)That J.A.P. would not stop complaining!(4) Face it your the average J.A.P.
by mikel T August 17, 2006
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