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A middle-sized town, located in Morris County, New Jersey. If you come from Randolph you either work from 2:30 PM-10:00 PM every night, or in most cases, your parents are loaded. Randolph is the one town that everyone wants to be in, until they realize that there is nothing to do but go to an occasional weekend party or spend their time driving to a surrounding town to have some fun. The center of Randolph is the Acme, which you can already tell makes this town a shit load of fun. It is often said that you would think a town with so much money would have at least one place to hang out, but your completely wrong. All in all the town of Randolph is not too bad, if you have money, and are not worried about finding something to do on the weekends.
"Yeah, that stuck up J.A.P must be from Randolph."
"Did your daddy buy you that?"
"At least we are going to college..."
by CJGCB14 October 29, 2006

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