a meant to be love, you & me

❤ 🌷 ❤

thinking of you

love you -x-
It's 711 🌷 thinking of you, my love 🌷 711
by msg 4 u - my luv October 31, 2023
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When something screws up totaly... usualy refering to when directv stealers program goes down it says 'call customer service 711'
DAMN I NEED TO GET A NEW 3M my script went 711
by coca November 8, 2003
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when you're doing a girl and drinking a slurpee at the same time
random girl - OW that's cold!
random guy - sorry i'm trying not to spill my slurpee from 711
by CobraKilla October 12, 2008
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A store you go to when you have no girlfriend who cooks for you at home. Its a place that is a neet's paradise.
Then again a lot of women are overrated If you get some 711 ice cream it wont yell at you or go out with chad.
Oh thank heaven 711
Im still a teenager if I believe in myself thats why I go to 711
711 has the best food bro but the tax is a rip off
by Anonguyson March 20, 2023
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A bitchy bitch who has ranks of sex minions. Stan is first rank cause Ruslan got fired. Her side-kick/bitch Yana is always there to fuck her. Andrey tries to get in on the action. during the day she fucks sultan,stan,twinkle,naraman,mutaba,and yana all at once. At night she is batman.She is the same as Mrs.Gibby
kiersten did yana in Mrs.Gibby's class
by neo geo April 29, 2005
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1. a girl who is open to anything.
2. a girl who is easy , meaning a girl of convenience, a 1-nighter, a nightcap in a skirt, open like 7-11.
I had a late-night craving for a 711 girl, and it was open all night.
by Michael Ammons May 26, 2008
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A girl who is open all the time. Who open 24/7/365.
"Dude i am so horny,"
"I know this chick who is a 711 girl"
by AayCue Tru February 12, 2009
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