1. n - the usually foul-tasting mucus substance which drips down the back of one's throat following nasal administration, usually of illicit drugs.
'Outta my way, this backdrop is so rancid I think I'm gonna puke'
by abo nick September 28, 2006
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A high that one can obtain a few days after he's smoked pot
"Gabriel had a backdrop in spanish class today. He was laughing like a douche"
by Frankenmanwolfenstein February 12, 2008
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Yup... That's hot. I dig it. Showing a little waistline. Yeah. Which begs the question: How did that one sports illustrated photographer get his job? Sure as hell wasn't some kind of competence hierarchy...
Hym "The backdrop is hot. 👍 I dig it."
by Hym Iam January 7, 2023
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A reference to the Cheeto in Chief using the Bible entirely as a prop to legitimize his vacuous heathen ass.
I will crush you sad, black motherfuckers and buy this whole goddamn town and this Bible backdrop is gonna help me do it!
by Dr Bunnygirl June 2, 2020
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To allegedly decide to make snarky replies whilst cock blocking at a fancy as hell F-shack type place. O_o.. (i.e party pooping on a large crowd of non party poopers.
Dude1: Yo that dude was funny, he made all the chicks show major nipnip.
Dude2: I know, but The one with the douche pants was horrible.
Dude2: Pssht...totally Cool-swishing the backdrop
by Punching monkeys July 2, 2020
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