I cant belive you searched this up
Did you really just look up numbers one trough twenty-four?
by Koopinator February 6, 2016
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The size of an extremely long, steroid enhanced penis. Caution, may enter the Fallopian Tube.
Twenty Four inches of pain, biznatch!
by Hung Lo February 6, 2005
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the spelled out version of how many hours are in a day fucking stupid
open twenty four hours!
by craigums March 7, 2005
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When you are pissed at your significant other so you don't communicate with them for twenty four hours.

"Yeah, Ryan wouldn't stop making fun of my leather jogging pants, I think it's time for some twenty four hour ice."
Ryan wouldn't stop making jokes about my sweatpants, so I am putting him on twenty four hour ice.
by Jessi loves Chicago February 12, 2015
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two feet - what you have on the ends of your legs that you stand on
1) "could you do something for me?"
2) "you have twenty four inches! get off your ass and do it yourself!"
by Monstre February 25, 2007
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A celebrated time for potheads all around the USA (and possibly other countries) because it is believed that at 4:20, whether it be night or day, one should partake in the activity of smoking marijuana. It has practically made its self a holiday if you look at the date April 20th, which in months and days would be, in fact, Four Twenty.
Rejoice little potheads, for this might just someday be put on a calender expressly for the use of the 99 Cents store.
Bud: What time is it Mary-Jane?
Mary-Jane: *inhales* It's four twenty.
by Nameless Here Forevermore February 17, 2006
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