decribes when a eskimo has a tooth ache, pain,hurty,tooth hurty
man-what time is it?

eskimo-time to go to dentist.


eskimo-2:30 time to go to the dentist
by troubledemon April 10, 2009
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Even more whorish than a dirty 1:30, a girl you pick up outside the bar after it closes usually around 2:30 am that you don't have to impress at all. She could care less who you are, she just really wants to get banged.
Dave: Did you end up picking up that girl at the bar?

Me: Nah, but I picked up this dirty 2:30 instead.
by Oh Dee Vee February 6, 2010
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When you haven't had a five hour energy, and you find it hard to stay awake.
Alternatively: an excuse in a boring situation, when you just don't want to be there.
Boss: Johnson, wake up!

Johnson: So sorry, I got that 2:30 feeling
by 81halohunter October 10, 2010
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short, to the point, business proposition made by crackhead to his dealer...meaning...2 crackrocks for 30 dollars for crackrocks that are normally 20 dollars for just one....sometimes works, but usually these damned niggers will break a 20dollar rock in half and try to pass them off as 2-20's...please nigga...
zuup dawg....gimme 2 fo 30... I gots dis stank ho way-in fer me atda crib.
by grand wizard December 11, 2004
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Date someone 2 years older, 2 years younger but when you are 30 or so it doesn't matter what the age gap is
Boys and Girls should follow the 2-2-30 rule
by 459395 April 26, 2022
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