A word that describes one's growth, build up of energy, or in sexual reference, build up of white cream in your hot shaft.
Guy: What are you doing?
Girl: I'm feeling your vitality.
Guy: =)
by sp4zn April 25, 2006
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a beautiful person who is considerate caring and giving. angelic and just downright amazing!
wow look at that beautiful girl over there, that has to be a Vitale!
by mahabah jababa December 05, 2011
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When Something Is Vital It's Important Or Necessary Within One's Life.
"Life Has Many Vital Requirements In Which We Must Pay Attention To Be The Best We Can Be."
by StarrDust PopTart May 23, 2010
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A term for a person who abuses women. A professional torturer/bully.
1. That guy over there who beat up his wife is a Vitale.'

2. That punk whos berating his friend is a Vitale.
by Clikd January 25, 2008
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1. the act of molesting lil boys in a sexual way

2. A person who's life is meaningless

3. A boring person who has no life
1. Don't go over there, he's a vitale.

2. His life was so Vitale

3. He's so boring. He's a vitale.
by kewee January 05, 2008
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"VITALS" - A Paintball contest where only hits to the back, chest or head count as eliminations. Hits to the legs, arms or shoulders do not count. Often played with VitalsGear which shows the vital organs on the game and tournament shirts, tank tops and protective brain caps. There is even a crazy accessory called a "Punji Plate" that is sometimes used to enhance the realism of the Vitals contest and really pump the adrenalin.
Paintballer's who crave the rush of combat realism play "vitals" because they know in real combat only a hit to a vital organ would really matter anyway.
by disneydad March 01, 2008
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Someone who posseses qualities of a homosexual. Someone who will take homosexual sex any place they can get it including the internet. someone in denial of their sexuality.
Dude, we always knew you were a 'Vitale'. 'Closet Homosexual'. Vitale ended up hooking up with MIKE after he came out of the closet.
by Blow hard boy September 09, 2007
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