In Boxing, An RTD (abbreviated as "referee technical decision" by BoxRec) is a boxing type and term to describe when during any rest period between rounds, a boxer refuses to continue or their corner pulls them out, thereby forcing the referee to end the fight. In contrast, a TKO (Technical Knockout) Can only be declared by the referee or the ringside doctor and it has to be during a round. RTD also stands for Corner retirement or corner stoppage. The announcer after the fight will call it off as a TKO (Thus meaning an RTD will count as a type of knockout) But it will be shown as an RTD on a boxer's win/loss record.
Mike Tyson fought Kevin McBride in 2005. In the 6th round Mike's corner refused to continue the fight during the rest break. The announcer calls it off as a TKO. But on Mike's record it is an RTD.
by ErrolTheTruth November 17, 2021

The Regional Transportation District, Denver's public transport organisation.
"How you getting to Stella's, man?"

"Taking the RTD cos cool kids ride the bus."
by frank carter May 14, 2005
"Roll The Dice"
Used when you're about to gamble, or take a risk.
Man1: You really going to do that?
Man2: Yeah, i'm going to RTD
Man1: Hey, want to go RTD?
Man2: Sorry, i'm out of cash
by DeadSnipe January 10, 2009
(WARNING: if spelling must be all caps, the act of RTDing is a serious matter. no fucking around.)

RTD- The act of throwing trash out of a car randomly while looking around for cops. Random Trash Dropping is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. If you are going to RTD you must go threw the six step RTD process.

1. Find trash.

2. Make sure window is open or your door is unlocked.

3. Scope for the 5-0.

4. Prepare for drop.

5. Commence RTD.

6. Drive away and reload.
Man 1: Dude your car is dirty as shit.

Man 2: I was going to clean it yesterday.

Man 1: Fuck that shit, I got this. (begins six step process)

Man 2: What the fuck are you doing man?

Man 1: Man you havent heard. I'm RTDing.

Man 2: RTDing?

Man 1: Random Trash Dropping.
by Jo Polo August 9, 2010
ride till I die. it is used when in a ride and u've got no idea of where u are going and a friend ask u where u are going
slick: whatz poppin tonite
Nerd: RTD
by tob December 17, 2006
Ready To Drill.
A popular abbreviation used in the Norwegian army to describe that you are ready to go out and screw ugly women. Must not be mixed with the abbreviation RFB, Ready For Battle.
Lieutenant: ARE YOU RTD?!
by Absalon February 6, 2007