bout to go listen to biggie's best album! rtd
by swaggfb November 19, 2011
Ready to die

for example,
'hey i want to die'
and the other person says
'heck nooooo
i'm not rtd!!!!!!!!!'
hey, are you rtd?

why would i want to do that!!!!!

by 45hl3333333y January 22, 2008
For Girls That Ride Till Death
I need to find myself a fgt rtd
by Kingjeans October 10, 2018
Rock the Detas
Detas Detas Detas, Rock the Detas Detas Detas

by Jew Patrol December 23, 2008
(Past tense verb) Past tense of retweet
Lady Gaga rtd my picture
I want to get rtd by Obama
by Whoredoeurve July 25, 2018