The boxer is a breed of dog that is categorized by the AKC as a working class dog. They are bread from German descent, from the previous dog breed known as "bullenbeizer." The boxer is known for it's keen senses, friendly, loyal, and loving disposition. In terms of intelligence, the boxer is in the 60% range of distribution, making them slightly smarter than the average dog. They are fantastic dogs for children, because they are very patient. They drool a lot, too.
I have two boxers. One is named Bruno, the other is named Tilly.
by Lon May 12, 2005
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Underwear commonly worn by males. Like briefs, boxers are used to support your penis and balls, but to a less and more comfortable extent. This is good because of comfort, but your balls tend to flop around alot and your penis is always slapped around by your thighs when you walk, sometimes causing it to harden. Boxers are the most common clothing item to catch your sperm in as some boys jerk off in their boxers or even wake up to a wet dream where their dick is pumping out hot jizz all over themselves. Overall boxers are a little bit better then briefs, but not if you get erections easily.
Last night I had a throbbing boner which wouldnt go away so i pulled down my pants and boxers I started fapping hard and quick at my dick. I was about to squirt when my dad came in so I quickly pulled my boxers to hide my erection from my dad. The feeling of silk on my sensitive penis was the last straw and we both watched as my hard cock bobbed up and down as it pumped jizz all over my boxers, staining them creamy white. My dad laughed embarrasingly and almost ran out the room, leaving me standing there half naked with my boxers filled with steaming, sticky jizz.
by Callum69 June 11, 2009
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One of the greatest starcraft progamers to ever live.
Did you see SlayerSBoxeR's goliath micro against savior. He must have gotten 20 girls that night just from his gosu pimping micro skills.
by SlayerSBoxeR May 16, 2011
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loose fitting underwear to the theigh.
the best undererwear...
In class while watching the pubery movie tyler looked over to the girl he liked sitting next to him. he was nervous when he found his dick getting hard. it felt so good. he decided to reach his hand down and shif the boner to be less noticable but all that did was stimulate it when the head of his dick rubbed the fabric. He groaned quietly with pleasure. the girl next to him saw this. she secret;ey liked him to so she reaed her hand over and unbuttoned his pants. she whispered to him to stay quiet while she reacher her hand inside his plaid boxers and grabbed his dick. she rubbed so hard and he was loving is so much we couldn't hold it in and he laned back closed his eyes and let out a stream of hot stickey jizz all over. it felt so good. it was the best handjob of tylers life.
by boxerboy02 October 19, 2009
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Underwear worn by most guys who've gone through puberty. Loose and comfortable, allowing the penis and balls to move freely, unlike briefs.

On the downside, they often cause erections to be very noticeable. An erection while wearing boxers can turn out very messy, as the soft fabric can stimulate the head of the penis when rubbed against it.
Tyler couldn't help but pop a boner as he listened to the health lesson about sex. He gritted his teeth as his hard dick pressed against the fabric of his plaid green boxers.

He unbuttoned his jeans, allowing the bulge some room to grow, but it still rubbed against the material. He let out a small moan as he shivered from the sensation of his erect member. He pushed down on his penis, trying to keep it under control, but he just stimulated the head more, causing it to brush across the boxers' leg.

He couldn't hold in his pleasure as his cock let loose a hot load of sperm. The white stream of jizz seeped through the boxers, causing a dark stain to appear on his crotch. He accidentally let go of his jeans as they fell to the floor, making his soaked boxers visible to the whole class.

The other students burst into laughter as they saw a thick river of semen slowly drip down his leg. He slumped down into his seat, his face completely red. As he moved his hands off his crotch to cover his face, his still erect member broke free of its restraints, the boxer shorts dropping down to Tyler's knees as his rod slowly shrank back down into its natural flaccid state.
by Hornyguy2 July 4, 2009
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An engine with a horizontally opposed piston configuration.
"What do you have in that thing? A straight six?"
-"Yeah, six cylinders, but it's a boxer."
by Tyler July 27, 2004
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