An shortened spelling of 'retard'.
1: That guy is such an RTD
2: What, that's his name?
1: No. rtd as in like, retard.
by Amarinth August 04, 2009
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1)(noun) Someone who has had nothing whatsoever to do with the success of something, yet arrives late in the day, and then takes credit for its success. (see also:Cartmel)

2)(noun) A fat, smug, offensive, opinionated homosexual who parries any criticism of his ego with claims that the person who is disgusted by him is just homophobic.

3)(verb) The act of defiling something of cultural and historic value with some lowest-common-denominator smut
Guy 1:Yeah, yeah, I won the match! Me me me!
Guy 2:Dude, you only came on with 15 seconds left and never even touched the ball. Don't be such an RTD.

Rude bastard:Get out of my fucking way you ugly piece of shit!(spits at person)
Normal guy:There's no need to behave like that. Do you mind?
Rude bastard:Ahhhhh!!! You bigoted homophobic NAZI!
Normal guy:I couldn't care who you have sex with, but stop being so rude you fucking RTD!

3)Guy 1:Someone took a big shit all over the Declaration of Independence.
Guy 2:Yeah, they really RTD'd it!
by Mousebender December 21, 2011
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Ready To Drink.

An alcoholic drink consisting of a premixed spirit usually vodka diluted with flavouring eg peach, blackberry, orange. About the same percentage as beer. Popular with teenagers
What are you guys drinking tonight? We are drinking RTD's.
by Nick Jones July 01, 2003
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