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Abbreviation for Real Recognize Real, a term originating from the USA. The term can be translated into "takes one to know one", just that it is in terms of acknowledging someone who is real, or fake (in the hip-hop/rap sense of the word).
"Stand up cats beat the odds by far/Real recognize real, RRR" ~ Joe Budden - Stand Up Nu**a
by Chimaobi June 27, 2006
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Reduce, reuse, recycle
Person 1: Yo, I think I'mma gon' throw this soda can into the trash can.

Person 2: Stop right there. RRR, my nig.
by Amanda May 27, 2004
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1. The sound you make when you roll your tongue
2. The girl I love, from ALC
I'm sorry it took me so long to say this, but I love you RRR.
by Crushing. April 25, 2009
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RRR is an abbr. for Rosy, Red, Rectum.
You can kiss my RRR!
by Wabal January 31, 2005
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An acronym for Red, Round, and Racist. Created by ginger kids because they cannot get into the KKK since they are in fact an inferior race. Must be round in some way.
"Ginger kid made a black joke, he must be a memeber of the RRR"
by wow is my life April 24, 2009
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\'ar-rr\ adjective
1. Used to describe an awkward looking paintball player.
2. To dress and act like a new paintballer to deceive the opposing team/spectators.
3. Anything not AGG/HHH i.e. tucking jerseys into packs, shooting off-handed, double-knee sliding, wearing mask visors when not needed, low mask-straps, mask grafitti, and ridiculously colored markers, loaders, jerseys, and/or headgear.

Origin: "RRR" was coined by a paintball team from New England playing-on the "HHH" phrase created by Californian paintball teams.
that player with the rainbow jersey shooting the tippman custom looks pretty RRR to me.

I saw someone do a double-knee slide into the 50 yard line and that was about as RRR as it gets.

Don't be fooled by the team that looks RRR because they have won every event year round.
by TinMan02 April 04, 2011
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