Rosy is so shy at first but when you get to know her, she will be so funny, and kind. Caring too. She has the most beautiful hair. She is adored by people because she is helpful. She does not like so many people being surrounding her or staring at her. She is super nervous. Her Cheeks are rosy, half the day. Her skin is light, she is adored by men that actually like her, not for her body. She has a lot of anger cause her parents don't pay attention to her as much as she wants. She feels like people don't understand her. She knows how to control her anger but sometimes she can snap. She is very quiet in class, but so beautiful. She is so pretty. The people who know her, always love her, because she gives up the nicest things except when it comes to food, she is a little overprotective.
My cheeks are super rosy. This flower is so rosy.
by Alzate March 6, 2018
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Rosy is a shy girl but once you get to know her, she can be one of the best friends you’ll ever have. She can get easily mad but she will eventually come around. She gets annoyed easily by other people. She is a really smart and beautiful girl that doesn’t like being the center of attention. She has trouble opening up to people due to her trust issues but she will open up if she finds someone who shows her love.
by NOfreakinbody October 25, 2018
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Rosy is the type of person who can win anyone's heart by just a smile, she is like an object of desire by both men and women. She may not look hot but when she wants to, she can pull it all off. But don't get her signs wrong, rosy is the type of person who friendzone many men and women. Rosy is the type of friend anyone would wish for. Rosy can be a real bitch sometimes but in the end, a loving and daring girlfriend anyone would love. A rosy may look innocent but is hiding a lot of stuff. Be careful because if you lose her, you will regret many. Rosy may have many problems but can always come up on top if she wants to. You just can't keep her away because she is a good kind.
Holy shit that's rosy! Bruh get ready for her number!
by GuideInLife November 28, 2018
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1. When it is below 50 degrees outside.
2. When something is cool but not really cool just... meh.
1. Tobias: Hey it's below 50 degrees outside.
Bridgette: Since it's below 50 degrees outside, you could say... it's pretty rosy.

2. Dell: Hey I bought a goldfish today!
Glenn: that's pretty rosy... not amazing... but it's rosy.
by Em C. Liz Z. March 7, 2019
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To be completely horny constantly!
Catherine and kev were completely rosy!

They Couldnt keep their hands off their rosy red things!

by Jason8726 September 16, 2007
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speaking of roses, character of a rose.

Cheryl-Lynn has rosy cheeks

This bottled water has a rosy aftertaste.

Everything is coming up roses.
by Saints October 16, 2003
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A complex heightened state of Nirvana, that is rarely acheived unless one is under the influence of marijuana. Often followed by psychedelic vision, and a raging hunger for icecream.
Jazz music, often makes John feel rosy. After smoking large consumptions of marijuana, Devon feels rather rosy.
by Mr. Sullivan June 2, 2007
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