A group of religious extremists that are responsible for much of the misery present in the world today. A bunch of goddamned two face hypocrites who do not practice what they preach. A bunch of racist, homophobic pigs who cannot stand ideas like democracy, seperation of church and state, and people who think and believe differntly than they do.
The Religious Right embody so much of how Jesus Christ described the pharisees of old in Matthew 23.
by jesster79 January 29, 2006
People who often vote republican because of such issues like abortion and gay rights. Believe that their religion is the one true religion and they have the market cornered on spirituality.
by liberal July 24, 2003
A bunch of extreme right-wing headcases who think that God talks to them (signs of schizophrenia?) and want to return our society to the Middle Ages. Noted mainly for racism, misogyny, and a complete lack of independent thought.
by Brian X July 1, 2003
A political group in the United States that are rarely either religious or right
The Religous Right support the invasion of Iraq, and are opposed to funding being diverted from defence to education, welfare and healthcare - whatever happened to "love thy neighbour" religious right
by Ed1986 January 12, 2006
Term used to describe a group of conservatives with a certain religion taking their dominance in the world of politics over anything else.
With the Religious Right in the White House, many non-theists feel threatened.
by Falconrath February 1, 2004
A movement that is neither. A 1980’s to 1990’s effort by Christian fundamentalist extremists to preempt government by undermining the basic separations of church and state. A group of like minded individuals – see Southern Baptists – who somehow became fixated with an extreme fundamentalist view of Christianity and are dead set on ramming it down the throats of everyone else.
The state of Virginia is a hot bed of the religious right, having the embarrassment of both Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.
by Bill Garnett July 22, 2004
The extremely ironic name for the shit-brained fascists who are fighting for control of America, and who put the Bush junta in power.
Fuckin' A Batman! Fuckin' A!
by Pace June 4, 2004