If not, Joe Budden is one of the MOST Underrated lyricists to date. Born in Harlem, NY but raised in New Jersey but calls Jerz his home. He has plenty of lyrically insane tracks. Has beefed with The Game but has squashed that beef hopefully they can collab, but now he still has a score to settle with Lloyd Banks a member of G-Unit. He is who Joe Budden is addressing in the track "Dumb Out" which is highly thought to be his greatest punchline heavy freestyle to date. Signed to Def Jam, Joe Budden has put out his self titled album "Joe Budden" which sold horribly but as said by Jay-Z the album is a prime example of a hot lyricist facing bad promotion. He has also put out mixtapes Mood Muzik 1 & 2. Mood Muzik 2 is said to be a Mixtape Classic. It shows Joe Budden's is on top of his game. Tracks like the before mentioned "Dumb Out" was released under it. Others titled "Three Sides To A Story" "If I Die Tomorrow" "6 Minutes Of Death (Remix ft. Jae Millz & Stack Bundles)". Look out for an also promised Mood Muzik 3. Joe Budden's sophomore album "The Growth" is promised to be released this year. Cop that album!
Some of Joe Budden's hottest lines off Mood Muzik 2

"Fiends treat the hood like it's Saw part 2 cause they just looking for needles" - Old School Mouse

"They know the hood is too poor to hire CSI, and Gil Grissom" - Old School Mouse

"And any beat I'ma air that, rappers just gotta wear that/
Foxy Brown should be the only one that can't hear that" - 6 Minutes of Death (Remix)

"You Terrel Owens them niggaz that wear eagles they don't even wanna fuck wit you" - 6 Minutes of Death (Remix)

"They ain't Super, or Luigi, or Mario, ain't found that power/
Plus they couldn't spit fire if they found that flower/" - 6 Minutes of Death (Remix)

"I'm the Million Dollar Baby, but I won't die tryna Box" - 6 Minutes of Death (Remix)

"David Banner made it a time to play but I don't" - So Serious

"If I'm Window Shoppin, I'm prolli bout to rob that store" - Get It Poppin

"I'll take ya wig off and let you save it like Busta did" - Get It Poppin

"I worked hard to get here, now that I got here they want me gone/
They tryna treat Joe like a Yankee/" - World Takeover

"I piss in whatever subway your train of thought gotta run through" - World Takeover

"Who sees what I'm watchin, he ain't poppin'/
Don't deserve to drink water from the tub that I wash in/
WAIT, start again, it's a privilege to breath the same air that I farted in/
They want no parts with him/" - Dumb Out

"And these dudes might as well be Jamie Foxx
Trying to sound like somebody that already died" - Dumb Out

"Now if you don't sell 5 mill, they had enough of 'em/
Let me find out Hip Hop's turnin' Republican/" - Dumb Out

"Ain't gotta see Paul Wall, if you want somethin' shiney in your mouth" - Dumb Out

"If Hip Hop is all smoke and mirrors, then I'm the Windex and a napkin" - Dumb Out

"And these young mother fuckers, is about to fuck up/
Like leavin' they whole career in some bitch car/
No names, but it's no sublime/
Nigga you know who you are, I'll end it before it goes too far/
Your buz still fucked, you a liar money/
Joe's still spendin "Pump It Up", "Fire" money/" - Dumb Out
by Neezy May 25, 2006
-A hater or "PUSSY".
-A emotional old school rapper who hates on the new generation of Hip Hop.(Lil Yatchy,Migos, mumble rappers)
"If a nigga hatin, call him Joe budden!"- Quavo
pussy hater peon
by Diesel1025 December 15, 2017
A “hater”. Someone who does not like to see others prosper. An individual who is jealous of those doing better than them.
“If a nigga hating call him Joe Budden”
by Pseudonymhahaha December 15, 2017
“Joe Budden is the 3rd greatest rapper and the 46th greatest president
by Trazy July 4, 2022
"Rapper" who considers himself a battle rapper even though Lloyd Banks kicked his ass The Game kicked his ass Jay-Z kicked his ass Saigon kicked his ass Method Man kicked his ass Inspectah Deck kicked his ass pretty much he cant beat anybody because he lacks talent and has a really big mouth but never can back it up he thinks he is really good and received 32 on the best rappers alive list and complained???? Is he serious he is lucky to get that he is really bad and slaughter house is ONLY good because the rest of them carry him personally i think he needs to QUIT rapping and commit suicide
Me;Hey did you hear Joe Budden killed him self???
My Nigga:Finally that guy suckED mongo ball sack
by cdawg91 July 29, 2009
A bum rapper who tries desperately to get attention by starting beef with greater/famous lyricists or commercial rappers. He is also known to be Gloria Velez's stalker.

Gloria Velez & Tahiri have both openly admitted to interviewers that Joe Budden is a freak in the bed. He apparently likes to put mayonnaise on his cock because he feels that it make it taste "yummier" according to him. Gloria has explained that this may well be the reason why his dick always smells like mayo.
Joe Budden has beefed with 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Jay Z, The Game, Saigon, Ransom, Method Man, Raekwon, & Inspectah Deck
by Cokadee December 1, 2009