My nig, also means "My african brother"
Kahji: Aiyo whats good my nig!

by Kahji smith July 27, 2005
The only variation of the n-word that can be used by half-black mixed people. They are only half black, therefore can only use half of the n-word.
by childofthelord69 January 30, 2019
A best friend; A little/big brother. Only said, most times, by two male friends. Usually caucasian.
"How is life, my nig?"
by AnonymousBleech April 9, 2007
picking my ass
I was so bored, that i sat at home all day pickin' my nig.
by panfried May 22, 2009
greeting in da hood tween two bro's, equivalent to what's up bro
Leroy see a friend in the hood, and says "Yo homie". Friend replys "Yo, Sup My Nig".
by Moham Gonzales November 30, 2014