Adj. An acceptable replacement for words such as 'cool' and 'hip' and 'rad' and 'gnarly'. Not to be associated with receiving a rimjob
Lax Bro #1: Dude, brah, your new stick is lookin pretty rim, brah.

Lax Bro #2: Aw thanks brah, yours is looking pretty rim as well. Brah.
by Rimboy Extraordinaire September 12, 2011
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skin that surrounds the edge of the crotch hole
hey joanne, did you wash your rim today?
by rjrumples February 03, 2008
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1. The sphincter/exitway that a turd travels out of from the poop shoot.

2 The anal starfish that is caulked during backdoor sex.

My girlfriend's a magician. She ate an ear of corn, then three hours later when I was eating her pussy she farted a whole kernal out of her starfish's rim and onto my chin.

by slicksal October 31, 2006
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An anglo-norwegian collection of wrestling fans, forced together by their love of the old US terriotorial system and its spiritual heirs in today's industry. Better than you.
Man, those RIM guys really know their wrestling.
by Linus January 06, 2005
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part of a vehicle usuall 20" or bigger
ever since i got these rims my pussy rate went from .0000 to 1,000,000. I get more pussy from police ladies
by C to the olin August 06, 2005
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1)Rimmer, Name given to suck ups (metaphor of arse licking)
2)Arse Licking
3)Lowest form of life
4)Needs to get a life
5)Probably has a midget penis
6)Doesnt have a mind of his own
7)Complete faggot
8)Usually offers sexual favours to further his position (rimming)
9)Usually into Scat
10)The art of "Ring Kissing"

"Rim, Rimmer, Rimming"
"A Di Libero"
"That faggot might aswell ask that dude to drop his pants, bend over and pucker-up"
"Dude, hes only kissing your ring to get ahead in the world"
"You might aswell go and fucking rim him you dirty fag"
"You dirty bastard, bet you love to take the dirt track with your fucking tongue"
by Ohw hata na ss ia m May 10, 2006
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I rim a good Margharita with a salt rimmed glass.
by Spencer February 03, 2003
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