Someone with a lot of wealth, or their family is very wealthy. Can also be used in a derogatory way which usually means, spoiled rich brat who has daddy get them whatever they want.
"Fiepos dad just bought him a new car," said Eolanda
"I know, Fiepo is such a fucking richer," said Sharloraid
by Khaun December 31, 2007
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rich black people that move to southpark

From the south park episode where token wishes for other rich people to come
P Diddy is a damn richer he just bought a house next to Cartman

You know what scares rich people... Ghosts

--Mr Garrison
by Snake798123 April 29, 2009
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a black person that eats at Bennigan's, makes their server run around all over the place, and then doesn't tip, because well, they are niggers.
Those fucking richers. Not only did they stiff me, but they smelled like my nuts, and I haven't showered in days.
by TheMeatDragon April 04, 2006
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a person,(usually female) that is a rude bitchy lier. This person is often the `hated` one of a certain cliq.


Patricia is such a richer.
by okaygo July 16, 2006
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A lift in figure skating invented by Canadian hockey player Stephane Richer.

First seen on Battle of the Blades, airing on CBC.

*pronounced: ree-shay
To perform a Richer: He lifted his partner above his head, holding her slightly behind his head and perpendicular and to his body. Then raised her up and down twice before setting her back on the ice.
by ginger_newt October 18, 2009
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guy 1: eww that gay guy with the Rolex and Gucci shoes is grabing the other mans ass

guy 2: eww what a richer
by poopdog911 December 19, 2009
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