Term mostly used in the UK. When one is averse to overt displays of gore and blood, particularly of the kind displayed in violent/teen slasher films/medical dramas, or when subjected to them in real life (e.g. an accident, dissecting an organ in school) is likely to faint or be sick. Can also include dislike and strong desire to avoid images of violence or pain, such as injecting oneself.
I couldn't bear to see that horror movie....I'm far too squeamish!!
by Milflob May 12, 2006
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1. upset to the stomach, an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach from mild discomfort through to more painful cramps and needing to stay close to a toilet because of associated nausea and/or diarrhoea.
2. afraid of something to the point that you feel sick to the stomach, or it makes you feel like throwing up or messing yourself or even passing out
1. Whatever was in the curry we had last I felt really squeamish all night. I felt like sitting
on the toilet with my head in a bucket.
2. I was invited to be with her during her surgery but I knew I was too squeamish to manage it.
by rjpmelb January 17, 2020
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He won't do it, he's too squeamish.
by PlasmaWolf June 5, 2016
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When one walks up to a friend or partner, and gently taps them on the gluttious maximus; and the recipient of the touch pulls away as if he or she is being penetrated. Then one would be considered anal squeamish.
Harry:Hey man hows it going? (Taps Llyod on the gluttious maximus)
Llyod: WHOA!!! (Jumps for fear)
Harry: What are you? Anal Squeamish?
by Rump_roast February 7, 2007
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